We create long lasting, trusted relationships by providing personal care to every law                                                                  firm we work with.

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Mass Tort 

Personal Injury 

Medical Malpractice


Mass Tort

High volume mass tort cases come with challenges. We partner with law firms to provide the exact level of support each law firm needs. Choose any combination of solutions.

Expert Case Review

Settlement Analysis

Call Team

We take information from intakes, questionnaires and medical records to give law firms a summary of the entire case status. Know case deficiencies and injury severity at the click of a button.

Ensure each client gets the maximum settlement amount by allowing our team to properly apply the settlement criteria with case facts. We expertly analyze, prepare documents, assist with data entry and find qualified EIF clients.

Our call team is available to help you with any of your client communication needs. We work with you to train our staff to assist with any number of calls including clarifying intakes, PFS, case deficiency curing or other communication needs your lawfirm may have.

Mass Tort Experience: Approximately 35,000 case reviewes. 10,000 cases analyzed for settlement, 150 Bellwether and Wave cases.


  • SGLT2 inhibitors
  • PPI- including bellwether and wave cases.
  • Essure
  • Mirena
  • Tasigna
  • Hernia Mesh
  • 3M Earplugs – including bellwether and wave cases.
  • Round-Up
  • Truvada
  • JUUL e-cigarettes – including bellwether cases.
  • Elmiron
  • Talcum Powder
  • Zantac – including bellwether cases.
  • Paraquat – including bellwether cases.
  • Camp Lejeune
  • CPAP



Attorneys in medical malpractice and negligence cases can face time-consuming challenges with disorderly and often voluminous records. Because of this, even an experienced attorney risks missing an important case fact, standard of care issue, or potential case defect.

Our professional legal nurses can review your medical records and help you:

  • Fully understand the standard of care issue or issues in question.
  • Identify and understand all case strengths and weaknesses.
  • Identify missing treaters and records.
  • Refer to experts when needed.
  • Assist with Discovery and Depositions
  • IME client coaching, attendance or video evaluation. 
  • Life Care Planning.
  • Create any work product that is requested by attorney.


  • Explain complex medical issues and advise on alternate causation.
  • Organize, bookmark and highlight critical data in medical records.
  • Identify missing treaters and records.
  • Pain and suffering documentation.
  • Life Care Planning.
  • Personalize services and work products to meet unique case requirements.

Defense Medical Exam Assistnace

  • Client coaching
  • In person attendance with video or audio recording
  • Analysis of video exam
  • Exam report to document exam deficiencies
  • DME report evaluation.
  • Rebuttal